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          Shenyang Machine Tool Yinfeng Foundry Co., Ltd. is one of the large-scale foundries specialized in producing cast iron castings in Asia. It is located in Shenyang Jinhai economic zone, Beijing-Shenyang Expressway to the South, Tianjin-Shenyang Railway to the north and close to Yingkou and Dalian Port with convenient transportation. The company covers an area of 330,000 square meters with the gross investment of 500 million RMB. The annual output amounts to 180,000 tons. The products are widely used in the field of machine tools, wind generators, ships, mining and automobile etc. 



             The company not only adopts resin sand and high strength inoculated cast iron manufacturing technology, but also has advanced equipments, such as Germany GFA resin sand molding line, Switzerland GF air impact molding line, Italy IMF sand mixer, Germany FAT sand regeneration system, and medium frequency furnace. Meanwhile, it owns various inspection equipments to meet customers’ different checking demands.


          我公司推行TS16949质量管理体系,通过了ISO9001:2008、ISO14001、OHS18001体系认证,并取得了英国劳氏船级社、美国船级社、挪威船級社、法国船级社和中国船级社认证证书,于1993年引进英国国际密烘铸铁技术。我公司是中国铸造协会机床铸件分会秘书处及理事长单位,是中国铸造协会常务理事单位。 我公司秉承“用户至上,质量第一”的方针,竭诚欢迎海内外客商莅临惠顾,共谋发展,同铸辉煌! 

              The company has got quality system certificate of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHS18001 and classification society certificate of Britain LR, USA ABS, Norway DNV, France BV, and China CCS. It has been implementing TS16949 quality system and imported MEEHANITE technology in 1993. The company is standing director unit of China Foundry Association and holds the post of president and secretariat of machine tool castings branch of CFA. “Customer Supreme, Quality First” is the principle of Shenyang Machine Tool Yinfeng Foundry Co., Ltd. Sincerely welcome customers from all over the world to our company for cooperation and building bright future together! 

        公司地址:沈阳市辽中区火车站新区  公司电话: 024-27897673 
        技术支持:盘古网络 [定制网站]
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